The U12 Pumas Orange is a reflection of the entire Ypsilanti-Lincoln Soccer Club. Fair play, respect for others and graciousness in both winning and losing are traits that are inherently taught to all the players by the generous coaches, dedicated parents and respectful team mates.  

The coaches are committed to providing their time and effort regardless of whether or not they have a child on the team. They impress on our young athletes the importance of team play regardless of skill level. Our players know that this is a team sport and no single player is responsible for a victory or defeat.

Our team is part of an extended family where fair play, respect, compassion and love for the sport is shared within the Ypsilanti-Lincoln Soccer Club.



 The U8 Sting Gold and Black team players are ages 6 - 8and although we have a small roster for both teams they are are united in spirit and there for each other. These two teams are very young but they are determined to make their mark and working really hard. It is amazing to watch them bond after just one month.  Win or lose, these teams are here to stay, grow together and this is a group of young, hopeful and passionate players. 



Back row (left to right): Coach Ryan, George, Owen, Mitch, Colin, Kenan, Brad, Alex
Front row (left to right): Joey, Rich, Seth, Trent
Laying down: Franklin

The LCSC 05 (U-11) Rapids, a first year WSSL Division One Recreational team, won the 2015 Abby Cup this past September! It was a major accomplishment for the team.